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ACTIVE Full-Length Orthotic

FMT Technology provides shock absorption, comfort and maximum support for running and walking. Arch support for any shoe.

Item #: 911VAFL



  • EVA orthotic with reinforced, hardened plastic (TPU) shell for added motion control and stability.
  • Can be trimmed in forefoot if necessary.
  • EcoFresh antibacterial odour absorbing cover.
  • Shock dot in the heel for added shock absorption.
  • 4-degree rear-foot wedge to provide support and control which helps prevent excess pronation.
  • Contoured around the heel and arch areas to achieve complete foot contact.
  • Best for fitness and athletic shoes.
  • CE complaint.

Fit & Care

UK Sizing Woman
  • XX-Small (XXS) 1-2.5
  • X-Small (XS) 3-4.5
  • Small (S) 5-6.5
  • Medium (M) 7-8.5
  • Large (L) 9-10
UK Sizing Men
  • XX-Small (XXS) 0.5-2
  • X-Small (XS) 2.5-4
  • Small (S) 4.5-6
  • Medium (M) 6.5-8
  • Large (L) 8.5-10
  • X-Large (XL) 10.5-12
  • XX-Large (XXL) 13-14

For footwear with removable factory insoles we recommend removing them before fitting your VIONIC orthotics.

For best results, we recommended that you replace your orthotics every 12 months.


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Ireland: 1800 844 030

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Customer Reviews



I have got glowing reviews from my friend who has flat feet …she says they are a miracle .I have pain in one foot soo I will give them a try…



I have worn these in my trainers at the gym, in my work boots and in my pumps for shopping. They slide in and out easily after slightly trimming the toe end to size. If I could afford to get all my footwear from vionic (and they made work boots!) I wouldn’t need the inserts but since that’s not the case, they are a wonderful compromise, as I can use my footwear without pain.



I started running about 4 months ago but started getting pain in the arch of one foot following each run. These insoles seem to have completely stopped the problem. Only downside is that they creak when running or walking.



I had given up hope of ever walking again without feeling any pain and daily painkillers had become a normal part of my morning routine. These insoles have really given new life to my feet. I have stopped taking pain killers altogether and can now be on my feet for so much longer. Getting up on my feet after resting, is still a little painful but not to the extent it once was. I highly recommend for others to try these.



I have been suffering with Plantar Fasiitus for over a year but just lately it has been getting worse. I can now go out walking with these insoles with no pain, I still get pain when getting out of bed in the morning and when walking around the house but when I come to need new shoes I will from now on buy them from Vionic.



I have now got a pair of these insoles in all of my shoes/boots!
They have been a great help to me, I have been under the hospital for 12 months with knee and foot problems and fingers crossed these insoles Seem to be putting the finishing touches to moving again.

Nurse C


Insoles are very good I spend 12 hours a day on shifts' mainly on my feet most of the time these insoles have helped my back pain just a little big for my trainers



Very good