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Relax Slipper

After a long day you deserve to wrap your tired feet in the plush softness of our Relax slippers, featuring our exclusive orthotic footbed.

Item #: 26RELAX



Keep your toes free and your soles supported with the classic, adjustable Relax slipper. Designed in padded terry and faux fur for serious cuddliness. Featuring the same tried and tested FMT Technology as our sandals, active and closed-in styles, VIONIC slippers offer everyday support for at-home wear.

  • Midsole: Flexible EVA absorbs shock, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees.
  • Footbed: Footbed is treated with antibacterial, odour-resistant Ecofresh.
  • Outsole: TPR with wave-patterned tread designed for indoor use.

Research supports FMT Technology's success in reducing over-pronation, which can help relieve associated common aches and pains, such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

Fit & Care

  • Available in women's whole sizes 3-9
  • If you are a half size, we recommend ordering the nearest size down.
  • Available in medium (D) widths.
  • Footbed: Indulge

For the greatest comfort, we recommend wearing your new VIONIC footwear for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support.

Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive.

  • To clean, wipe away dirt and dust with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Do NOT submerge in water or use solvents to clean products.
  • Do NOT expose to extreme temperatures.
  • Commercial dry cleaning or home wash/dry laundry machines are NOT recommended.


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Ireland: 1800 844 030

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Customer Reviews



I suffer with planter fasciitis and have been struggling for weeks to alleviate the pain. However, having taken the plunge and tried these I cannot recommend them enough



Very comfortable. But colour too light and will get dirty too quickly



I bought these recently and omg , I’m so happy I did. I was suffering with foot pain , now I’m getting this extra support I feel so much better. Very happy with my purchase , worth the money!

Nanny 56


I never wear slippers but having had plantar fasciitis for months and been in agony I was advised by my podiatrist to try these slippers and wear in the house all the time, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to them but what a difference, now if I don’t wear them I have pain all the time but as soon as I put them on it helps so much, they are so warm and comfy I’m so pleased I got them, not cheap but definitely worth he money.



I have had my Vionic slippers for a month now and unfortunately they look like I’ve been wearing them for six months. The reason I gave them three stars was for the sheer comfort and ease of wearing them. I wish I had chosen another colour as the animal print faded and aged after a few days of wearing which was so disappointing especially for the price I paid for them and the reputation of the Vionic brand



I am having some foot problems since few months and after much research on internet and reading reviews from people,I decided to buy these vionic home slippers although expensive for home wear, I thought these would help me with my foot pain and pronation issues but after using for a week, I had more painful feet and had to stop using them



Really wanted these slippers. Purchased recently but had to return as much too wide for me. Have a bunion on one foot so thought they would be o.k. but could not tighten the Velcro strap enough to stop foot sliding about making the arch fitting useless. Purchased size 5 and length was fine and they were well made and not too flat. Had to return for reason stated above.



Bought these a month ago, so pleased with them

Angela North Yorkshire


Super comfortable. Excellent purchase.

mom of twins


Best slippers ever. Not even kidding my feet have been sore since pregnancy weight flattened them 2 years ago, these really, really help.

Nanny 56


I bought these slippers a few weeks ago on the recommendation of my podiatrist as I suffer very badly with plantar fasciitis. I never wear slippers but having worn these for a few weeks in the house now, I feel strange if I don’t have them on, it’s definitely eased my problem and will buy again. Not the cheapest but definitely worth it.



I bought these slippers after having bunion and hammertoe surgery to ensure proper support while recovering.I must say they are absolutely perfect so comfortable and a really good true fit.



I have been using these slippers for a few weeks now and love them. They are so comfortable and support my feet well. Following a visit to the podiatrist a few months when I told him I was getting a pain on the sole of my right foot, he said it was due to pulled ligaments. He said the shoes I was wearing were not supporting my feet so I decided to do some research and came across the Vionic site. These slippers can be adjusted by the velcro fastening to mould them to your feet and get a perfect fit. Have now also purchased a pair of vionic shoes.



Great slipper! I have tried many but Vionic was the right answer. I love the natural plantar shape and the top are adjustable with straps, I have slim foot so it is perfect !

Fiona H


This is the 3rd pair I’ve bought - just love them! Great arch support, adjustable width and soft.



Do Exactly What It Says .... Brilliant



Before I discovered Vionic I was faced with either the hospital’s diabolical shoes or trying to put some sort of insole into a shoe, which was never very successful. I went years not being able to wear any slippers as my feet would pronate too much. To be able to be wearing slippers again is fantastic! Highly recommend to anyone with pronated feet. The only shoes and slippers I wear now. Thanks vionic for giving me the normality back!



Lovely comfortable slippers. I have a lymphatic problem affecting the top of one foot with swelling so the velcro fastening is perfect. They have stopped pain in the bottom of my feet when standing for a while. As the soles are rubber, after walking across rugs they create static leading to shocks which is annoying and a shame as they are otherwise brilliant, although reading a few other reviews it seems only I have this problem. Definitely recommend for their comfort.



Found this rather narrow in the footbed where the straps cross over.



I am very pleased with my purchase - I was sceptical that they would improve my heel pain but within a week my pain was substantially better and has now gone altogether. I highly recommend this product.

Bet Lynch


Worth every penny, so comfortable and supportive.



Very comfortable, love them. Also they look good and sturdy for outdoors



Since spending most time at home through lockdown, having wearing normal slippers caused more pain in back bought these, expensive but worth every penny



I bought these as a gift for my wife as she suffers from foot problems ie plantar faciitis. She has noticed a great difference in her foot pain. It has all but gone so these do work. I would definitely recommend them.



I am on my second pair of these slippers since I discovered Vionic. They are so comfy and have done wonders for my knees and feet. They were the first Vionic footwear I bought. I wear them constantly in the house and garden. I honestly could not do without them and don’t let the word slippers fool you, they have just the same support and features as the shoes and boots. They are funky too. I am currently on leopard print!



These slippers are so comfortable. I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and can’t bear to wear arch support shoes all day these slippers allow your feet to breathe and give great support. Amazing



These slippers are absolutely fantastic. I have plantar fasciitis, which has gotten progressively worse since lockdown and the flat sippers and flip flops I was wearing. These slippers are awesome in relieving the pain and giving the sense of support. They're also lovely and cosy without being too warm. I can't recommend them enough. The designs are fun too!



I brought these about a month ago as i had Plantars fasciitis. they helped support my feet better and are very comfortable and warm. Best slippers I have ever brought!



I have had the full slipper version for several years, but they are a bit warm in hot weather, so I bought these for the hot weather. Very nice fitting and still hold your foot in place, so feels as secure as the full slipper. Arch support is just as good, but my toes keep cool. Happy days!



I bought these because of the footbed, and they are great, warm enough too, a perfect fit.



I have worm them all the time at home and as I am now working from home that is most of the time.



I bought these slippers as I had Achilles Tendonitis and my feet stiffened up over night. Through wearing these slippers my feet are supported all day and are now less stiff.



Always buy vionic slippers for comfort and fit. love them



I had a problem after retiring and not wearing higher heels every day. Consequently i ended up getting the plantis problem (fallen arches) as I was only wearing flatter shoes for walking the dog and my ordinary slippers most of the day. These Vionic slippers are a miracle, I haven’t had the pain in my feet for weeks now. I would like to know if it possible to machine/hand wash these slippers.



I have bought this slipper twice now as they are so comfortable & supportive. I have a connective tissue disorder & have had Plantar Fasciitis so I am not comfortable in bare feet at all. As they were worn to death for a number of hours a day they did only last 18 months before I had to buy a new pair as the lining had perished & the sole was slightly worn from the way I always wear a heel down. Worth the money though as I wouldn't be without them!

Newbie Retiree


I recently retired and was spending a lot more time at home either in ordinary slippers or bare footed. I started to experience a stiffness in my feet and was diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis. These new slippers have helped me so much as they support the arches and improve posture.



I bought these as now I am working from home I spend more time in my slippers than I ever have before! I had started to get heel pain again, but since buying these slippers it has eased off. They are very expensive but worth it.



These are the comfiest and most supportive slippers I’ve ever owned. They are also very cosy The Vionic footbed makes all the difference and makes these slippers worth every penny. I highly recommend them to anyone with plantar fasciitis, flat arch or Morton’s neuroma symptoms.



True to size, supportive, comfy and stylish. The leopard print is perfect when you need extra help to support your feet but don’t want to let go of a sense of fun!



Very satisfied would recommend to anyone with fallen arches my feet do not hurt when I walk now

Happy feet


Wow these are comfortable. I only wear this make of shoe after years of foot and knee pain. These shoes cure all that pain.

Mary Ann


These are very comfortable and look good. At present the most comfortable slippers i have because of the inbuilt arch. Expensive but if you have problems with your feet, worth it.



Took me a few days to get used to these slippers. I found them a bit flat at first as I’m used to and would have preferred slippers with a bit more of a heel.I like being able to adjust the velcro strap the Velcro is well hidden as I always think having the Velcro on show cheapens the look.

The Redhead


These are nice soft slippers for summer, thought but really apart from the comfort of fluff padding they are really just flip flops and I can walk better in my flip flops. But they are comfortable. And the wide can be adjusted to tighten them on foot. I really should have returned them but after walking outside with them I kept them.



I had been suffering from a sore knee for weeks from wearing flat slippers 24/7 in Lockdown. Tried these bionics after reading the reviews and I am so glad I bought them. My knee pain has completely gone, they are so comfortable, have recommended to friends and family

Cat Brown


I bought these slippers because I had knee pain from wearing flat shoes and slippers around the house. I needed support in my foot arch to help my knee. A day after wearing these slippers my knee pain has completely gone! They are fantastic, I will order again.

Broken toe Dotty


I bought these at start of lockdown and so pleased I did!
Spent so much time at home so slippers with support were a bonus and so comfortable that I bought a second pair.



Very supportive and comfortable

Carole K


Another good addition to my growing collection. Perfect sllpper and man made sole good for wearing on wool carpets as doesn't cause static.



I have many vionic Sandals but think my house slippers had started to hurt my heels and ordered these slippers and my heels are back to normal and they are lovely and so soft.



I sent for a pair of your slippers a month ago. I have a lot of problems with my feet and
Have to wear orthotics in my shoes . They were an answer to my prayers it allowed me
Towelling comfort and ease in my leisure time. Without having pain they are absolutely perfect. Thank you so very much will order some filled in toes for Christmas

oap lover of slippers!!!


I am very pleased with my purchase of these slippers,so much so I have already bought another pair!!
Very good fit,comfortable,and hold my feet in the right place,ie so no slipping out of them.
I most certainly will be buying more at a later date,and also some shoes for the Winter.

Sarah T


When I first tried these slippers on I wasn't sure but after I adjusted the velcro fasteners and wore them for an hour they were really comfortable, cosy and supportive



Not as fluffy as I was expecting but not disappointed with them at all. They are so comfortable and have really helped to ease my very painful heel pain.
I have two pairs of Vionic trainers and a pair of sandals so I guess I am a convert.

Susie Q


Very comfortable
Wide so your foot can spread out comfortably
Warm so even though open toe
Adaptable flap at front so you can very easily
change width make snugger or leave wider to
adapt to your feet

A great buy !

Relief at last


This slipper has transformed my ability to walk without discomfort
I will continue to purchase Vionic footwear and cannot recommend highly enough
Quick safe purchase



Suffering with arthritic joints, I was looking for something supportive to wear around the house. These Vionic slippers are just perfect - the right amount of support, easy to slip on and softly fluffy!

I can't recommend them enough.



I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these slippers have been an absolute joy and relief to have. They feel great and look great too! Worth the money.



I don’t usually write reviews. But I’ve been suffering from severe plantar fasciitis for years. These shoes have not only provided temp comfort but really seem to be addressing the cause itself. Would definitely recommend them

Tv golfer


This is my third pair in this style over the last few years.Good style that stays on your feet with the Velcro strap it ensures my foot is stable,with the arch support of course that makes a comfortable and cosy slipper.Lovely colours .Worth the money.Thank you.



I bought these slippers on 8th April. They are extremely comfortable with the vionic instep support you won't want to take them off. I am so pleased that I purchased them from this excellent company.



these where bought for my daughter, I already have these in black. We both suffer from flat foot which causes most shoes and slippers to not be supported enough, I wouldn't normally have spent this amount on slippers for a 10yr old, but as we seemed to be living in slipper in lock down, I couldn't cope with seeing her in cheap unsporting slippers. only negative is they are very pale and after not many wears they are rather grey in the foot bed. It's a shame they are not washable.



Really love these, especially the pattern, so me!



Well these work and they are brilliant I would wear them to work they r brilliant yes a bit expensive but worth every penny