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Meet Our Founder

Phillip J. Vasyli - Podiatrist, Founder, Chairman

Since beginning his podiatry practice nearly 30 years ago, Phillip Vasyli has treated over thousands of patients, ranging from young children to amateur and professional athletes. In addition to his busy medical practice Phillip, undertook ground-breaking research in lower limb biomechanics and orthotic treatment. This led to his passion for making orthotic treatment more affordable and accessible to people in need of pain relief, walking comfort and overall well-being.

In treating patients at his Sydney, Australia, clinics, Phillip saw the biomechanical effects of ‘over-pronation’ from which the majority of the global population suffers. Prior to the introduction of his Vasyli custom heat mold- able orthotic, the only treatment options were costly and time-consuming. Through clinical research and a commitment to collaborating with and educating the medical community, Vasyli International has achieved global recognition as a leader in orthotic treatment, ensuring the highest quality in foot care standards and practices.

In 1991 he invented the award-winning Orthaheel orthotic, the world’s first and only true orthotic available without a doctor’s prescription. Orthaheel orthotic inserts and sandals quickly expanded through Australia and the U.K., and the company’s 2007 U.S. market introduction has been received with great enthusiasm and commercial success. Today Vasyli International is well-positioned to serve two vital markets through its medical and consumer businesses.