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Spring / Summer 2019
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Rachel Marlow

Rachel Marlow


I'm Rachel, a former teacher, now running my own property rental business. I also devote much of my time to fashion blogging, mostly on Instagram. At over 58, I strongly believe that age is no barrier to style and enjoy fashion more than ever. I enjoy pushing boundaries on style and love helping others have the confidence to shine.

what do you love about this shoe style?

“The Kirra is lightweight but stylish. Foot comfort is very important to me, so when I find footwear that not only looks good but feels good, it's a winner.”

how have you styled it and why?

“They're versatile, so easy to style with almost any outfit. I'm a fan of red and it's surprising just how many different coloured outfits can be complemented with red shoes. So far, I've worn them with dresses and skirts.”

what do you love about vionic shoes?

“Of all components of an outfit, shoes are so important to me. If they don't feel right, nothing feels right. I'm lucky to own other Vionic shoe designs, each offering style and comfort in abundance.”

View Vionic Kirra
View Vionic Kirra

what else would they look good with?

“The Kirra is a very versatile style. Apart from the dresses and skirts I've already mentioned, they'd look good with jeans or trousers, jumpsuits, you name it!”

are the shoes great for holidays/travelling?

“I love travelling, and especially in sunny climates. These Kirra's are ideal and accompanied me on my recent trip to Italy where they kept me cool and comfortable. They're destined to be in my suitcase for my next holiday to Croatia.”

how do vionic shoes help you feel unstoppable?

“Again, it's all about the comfort. If my shoes are right, I feel more confident about everything else.”

exclusive styling tips

“Don't be afraid to be bold in putting together an outfit. Make sure it's true to yourself and try to colour-pop for added pizzazz. A pair of red Vionic shoes should do the trick, although the Kirra range includes other colours, so there's plenty to choose from.”

How to wear the Vionic Kirra

How to wear it

Check out how Rachel styles the Kirra with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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