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Flats versus heels: there’s no question as to which is better for your feet. Or is there? A common myth is that flats are better for your feet than heels, and universally more comfortable. But the truth is, without proper arch support, flats can be just as harmful as high heels.

Vionic Minna

The most common injury that can occur from wearing thin flats is heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. In fact, NYC-based podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab expert Dr. Jackie Sutera advises those suffering from plantar fasciitis to “avoid ‘bad shoes,’” citing “thin ballerina flats” as one of the culprits.

In addition to heel pain, Dr. Sutera explains, “There is a fat pad under the forefoot that starts to atrophy naturally over time, due to age and changes throughout a woman's life. Additionally, there's the wear-and-tear that happens specifically due to overuse of improper footwear (high heels, flat flip flops, unsupportive ballet flats and even walking barefoot).

The natural tissue cushioning under your metatarsals becomes thinner, resulting in pain.”

  Here’s what to look for in your next pair of flats to help combat these issues:

1. A biomechanically contoured footbed that hugs your arches for all-day support.

2. A firm yet flexible midsole that helps with balance and stability.

3. A deep heel cup for further stability and natural alignment from the ground up.

4. A roomy toe box in which you can comfortably wiggle your toes without them feeling crunched.

Vionic Caballo



Finally! A pointed toe flat that is both stylish and comfortable. Through thoughtful design and rigorous product testing, we’ve created an option that does not compress the toes any more than our other rounded flats. 

Vionic Minna


Rounded toe flats have a classic shape that transcends seasons. We’ve added a hit of animal print and a sophisticated bow to our customer-favorite Minna for added “wow.” And, if you’re looking for ballet flats in  wide widths, you’re in luck!

 Vionic Willow


Even if the sun’s not shining, you can sparkle all day in our Willow Ballet Flat adorned with trendy micro-studs. Plus, these are shoes approved by American Podiatric Medical Association. Shop even more APMA-approved shoes.


30 Quick and Easy ways to #Find30!

Posted by Kate Nishimura


Vionic's Venture Walker in Turquoise.

Developing a love for exercise doesn’t have to be hard. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of activity a day is enough to boost metabolism and improve one’s mood, providing cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive health. And finding time to fit exercise into your busy schedule is easier than you think. To help you get started, here are 30 quick and, more importantly, FUN ways to #Find30.

  • Go for a walk on the beach or at your local park
  • Usually drive to a weekend breakfast? Bike there instead!
  • Tend to your garden
  • Skip the elevator at work, and take the stairs
  • Deep clean your house
  • Mow the lawn
  • Take your dog (or your friend’s dog!) for a walk
  • Explore the farmer’s market on foot
  • Dance party! Crank up the music and let loose.
  • Be a tourist in your own city
  • While watching TV, do squats, push-ups and jumping jacks during commercial breaks
  • Practice your favorite yoga poses in the park
  • Give a couple rooms in your house a fresh coat of paint
  • Rearrange the furniture in your house
  • Play darts or pool at your nearby watering hole
  • Go grocery shopping (and park as far away from the store as possible)
  • Challenge your partner to a game of mini golf or go bowling
  • Conduct your meeting while walking around the office
  • Give your car a good scrub-down
  • Jump in the lake or pool for a quick swim
  • Cook up a (healthy) gourmet meal for your family
  • Stretch out your kinks and pains before bedtime
  • Give the dog a (much-needed) bath
  • Stuck at a desk all day? Sit on a stability ball while you work to engage your core.
  • >Channel your inner kid with a game of kickball
  • Head out for a quick hike – the more hills, the better!
  • Waiting for your flight? Take some laps around the terminal
  • Throw the ball around with your kids in the backyard
  • Speed walk while doing your errands
  • Instead of calling or emailing your work colleagues, walk over to their desks to talk

Ready to get started? Make sure you have the right walking shoes that promote natural alignment from the ground up.