Vionic Innovation Lab: The Source of our Innovation.

Vionic Innovation Lab

The Source of Our Innovation

Vionic benefits from the expertise of some of the finest minds in health and lower limb biomechanics. This collaboration, the Vionic Innovation Lab, brings together world-renowned authorities who share a common vision of enhancing foot health and promoting a more vibrant, active lifestyle.

Education Expertise


No other footwear company benefits from such a wide range and high level of expertise.


Our distinguished experts offer foot health education through published articles, lectures and Q&As.



Members in the fields of medicine and biomechanical innovation conduct independent and clinically certified research to further our understanding of foot health.


Breakthrough Technology

Our footwear collections draw liberally from this rich source of knowledge, combining stylish silhouettes with scientifically proven technology.

Expertise from the Innovation Lab

Foot Stretches for When You Take Off Your Heels

Sports physical therapist Brian Hoke shares the best-kept secrets about alleviating pain after wearing high heels.

From, November 2015

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Are Pedicures Actually Good for You?

Podiatric surgeon Trevor Prior weighs in on the risks of salon pedicures, and how to mitigate them.

From, August 2015

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Meet the Innovation Lab

Dr. Andrew Weil

Pioneer of
Integrative Medicine

Andrew Weil, MD > Trevor Prior


Trevor Prior, DPM > David Armstrong MD, PhD

Podiatric Surgeon

Armstrong, MD, PhD >
Dr. Jackie Sutera

Doctor of
Podiatric Medicine

Jackie Sutera, DPM >

Brian Hoke

Sports Physical

Brian Hoke >