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Shawna Boot

In some of the season's essential colorways, this high-top featuring an easy-on side zipper will see you through from dawn to dusk.

Item #: SHAWNA



  • Upper: Nubuck.
  • Footbed: Removable Jersey Covered EVA.
  • Outsole: EVA.
  • Heel Height: 1.25".

Fit & Care

  • Available in women's whole and half sizes, 3, 4-8, 9.
  • Available in wide (E) widths.
  • Footbed: Magnolia

  • For the greatest comfort, we recommend wearing your new Vionic footwear for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support.

    Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive.
  • To preserve the appearance of your Vionic shoes, we recommend that you clean using a dry cotton cloth to wipe away dirt or dust.
  • Keep leather footwear away from direct heat to prevent the leather from drying out. If your shoes or sandals become wet, please allow them to dry naturally.
  • We recommend that you test any cleaning product by applying a small amount to a discreet area and allowing it to dry. Do not use cleaners which contain acid or detergents, as they may damage and prematurely age the leather.


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Customer Reviews



I have rheumatoid arthritis and these are the most comfortable boots ever.I have two pairs and am considering the onyx ones



I have already left my 5* review about these wonderful boots, but I do have to say that the light coloured soles are a nuisance. Mud, cut grass ..... everything shows and means that they need washing. Possibly useful when stepping in dog poo, but not really ideal, particularly on winter shoes.

Also hope the compony reads these reviews and sees my request for more NAVY .... please!!!



These boots are well-made and look good, but although stated as wide are probably more like standard width. I have a foot with a corrected bunion but they are still too narrow for me.



The most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned.
Will be buying more of these



I bought these boots two months ago and have worn them every day to walk my dog. I have found them to be very comfortable and have helped with the pain in my big toe joint and bunion. However, the soles are wearing already which is disappointing considering they were quite pricey at £120!



Love these boots so much- have them in grey and black and they go with everything. They are waterproof too. Unlike other shoes- I don’t have to put another indoor in. They are so light on my feet and really work for my plantar fasciitis. However- why do they only come in wide- the ones I have don’t fit as well. Are there any narrow fits out there?



These were expensive, but you can’t put a price on being able to walk without pain. My issue is a dropped arch and I these boots helped enormously.



Really comfortable, definitely helping my planter fasciitis. The soles are wearing where I have a heavy right sided stride, unfortunately it won’t be long before they aren’t providing the stability I need.



Then I was recommended vionic shoes - have literally got me moving again - thank you



These shoes have changed my life! I have arthritis in my subtalar joint. Walking is always painful. But these shoes have really helped to reduce the pain and swelling at the end of the day. I’m able to walk further and it’s also helped with secondary pain in my lower back.



Was trying them for a month but unfortunately the zip broke. My e-mail was dealt with promptly and a new pair was sent to replace the old. No trouble at all and now very happy to have these back on my feet.



These are about my 12th pair of Vionics. They are just so comfortable and have been since the first wearing. I find a half size up from my usual size 6 in open sandals a perfect fit. I’ve never had to wear any of my Vionic styles in and would highly recommend them for comfort and alignment.

Michelle D


I suffer with Plantar fasciitis and these boots are the only pair not to cause me pain, highly recommend. They are stylist and versatile, was afraid material would wear easy, so far so good. I live in these boots !



Lovely boots, great finish, but far too big even with two pairs of socks. It’s not the width but the length, they are at least half a size too long and I’m always size 5 in any other make. Due to shipping costs I’m not sure if I’ll try a smaller size, difficult in these days where everything has to come by post!



This is my fourth pair of Vionic's in the last six months! They are super comfy, look great (even my 22 year old son thought they looked good) and I can wear them all day. I first ordered a 7 1/2 but found they were too big so downsized to a 7 which are perfect. So I would say these are proper wide fit. I vary between 7 and 7 1/2 depending on the width. I bought the wheat colour. Vionic's shoes really help my arthritic knees - very supportive.



Bought this boot a month ago , long time since I've had this much comfort without pain , certainly buy more vionic shoes or trainers in the future. Certainly worth the money.



I bought these for work. I gave planter fasciitis and vionics are the only shoes that ease the pain. They are expensive but worth it !

Uncertain shopper


Unfortunately these were not comfortable enough for me.
I have developed a number of foot problems which have become worse since gentle jogging earlier this year. I have pronation in both feet, a bunion on one and possibly Mortons Neuroma in both, consequently have been experiencing a lot of pain over the last 6 to 7 months. Tomorrow I will be having an ultrasound. I have been using diaped insoles. The smaller size was too small, the larger too big and not supportive enough around the sides. I love the look and the colour and the fact that they are weather resistant (of which you have very few in the practical range) I was recommended a couple of sports shoes but they appeared to have fabric surfaces, not suitable for this weather. I would appreciate a greater range of wider, box toed, water poof shoes/boots. I realise that it is always difficult to order over the internet, plus I have very sensitive feet and may need to have shoes made for me. You come highly recommended and I hope to try again later. Female, Oxford.



Debated buying these boots as they are so expensive. However since they’ve arrived I’ve barely worn anything else. They’re super comfy and go with everything. And the zip makes them easy to get on and off. I’m size 8 normally and size 8 fitted fine. Just be aware they’re not extra wide though, just wide.

Sydney J


Comfortable and very easy to get on and off due to the side zip. However, the laces on this Shawna Boot are very short compared with my other purchase and easily come undone, so I would suggest an upgrade to longer laces.



These are gorgeously comfortable boots and I desperately wanted to keep them. However the seam where the laces attach was immediately on top of a bunion which was really sore where it rubbed (other foot with no bunion was fine). The arch support is great and the quality and comfort of the boot was first class, but unfortunately they had to go back...



I got these shoes about a month ago, they are so comfortable. I can wear them all day without my feet aching.
I had an issue with the zip in one of them, I contacted Vionic and they sent me a replacement pair which I got the next day. I then returned the faulty pair free of charge.
Thank you 1st class shoes and 1st class service



I am so pleased with my boots. They fit perfectly (size 6.5 when I often have to buy size 7 - these are ideal for a slightly wider fit). Very comfortable from the word go and I love the colour - called grey but to me has more of a taupe/beige look. A nice change from my usual choice of black. Easy to slip on and off with the zip opening. No criticisms at all!

Uncertain shopper


I am uncertain about these boots at the moment, am trailing them at home.
I possibly have Mortons Neuroma and maybe other biomechanical problems, which are difficult to accommodate. I have fairly flat feet, a bunion on my left foot and pronation. I
initially sent for a 6.5 a half size bigger, to leave room for a Diaped insole which my Podiatrist recommended, but this was much too big. I now have a size 6. The boot feels more comfortable with its own insole anyway, but still doesn't feel quite right. The ankles are hard and thin with no padding but also loose. I still feel like my foot is swimming around a bit. I do not have swollen feet but am afraid that if I go a half size smaller they will be too tight in the width. I think it may be a question of finding the right socks. I used to be a 5.5 but of late have been buying a 6. I am not as happy as I hoped to be in view of the cost but appreciate their weather resistance. They may be my only option as many of your sports shoes are too narrow, not waterproof and have mesh sides.

Bionic lady


These boots are so comfortable.I have had three knee replacements - one on the right two on the left.These shoes help me to keep my legs straight therefore less knock kneed and less pain.A bonus is they are fashionable

Happy shopper


I bought these over a month ago and have given them a real test. With the situation that we are in at present I wanted a pair of comfortable, waterproof shoes/ boots as I am doing a lot of walking as I will not use public transport and parking in the city is a nightmare. I do have other Vionic boots but they are slightly elevated. These are brilliant, they are very comfortable and because of the FMT I know that I am walking properly. My feet and legs do not get tired.
They have been exposed to a lot of rain and my feet have stayed dry. They are smart enough to wear with a skirt and chunky jumper.



Great everyday boot. Not really stylish but great if like me you have to walk daily in all weathers and need good footwear



Most comfortable pair of shoes ever !!



Wore these around the house a few times to wear them in , as they felt a bit hard on the feet and more than a little tight. Unfortunately, the first time out I had to come back home and change them as within 10 minutes, I could hardly walk and had pains going up my legs. I think the wide fitting is maybe not as wide as some. HOWEVER, they remind me of a now-invaluable pair of walking boots I took about 3 weeks to wear in. Now I can even wear them in Summer, without socks, for hours on end. So, hope is not lost and I shall persevere because they feel good quality and look like they have good support. LOVE the zip so you don't have to mess with the laces once you have them sorted to your foot shape.



Bought there a week ago , comfortable boots



These are really comfy and ideal for autumn. will be wearing these for shopping trips too.



Had a pair of these last year love them just waiting for winter to com3 to try theses



I have osteo arthritis etc. and these shoes just make walking so much easier for me. Not so painful either! Used to take off my shoes/boots asap after walking my Shepherd (can't normally go far, but rec across street and can throw ball for her) Now I can go further and my shoes even stay on after I get home. LOVE THEM

Thank you Vionics!



This is a good shoe. However it is narrow even though advertised as wide. The shoe feels stiff on my feet but I have only just started wearing them.



Finding these boots has changed my life. I need raised arches to avoid knee and hip pain and I take a half size which together rules out almost all footwear. Finding casual boots has been a problem each winter until I found these. The size and arches feel amazing from the first wear and I love the style (Im 30 so find most orthopaedic shoes aren’t a style I would wear). Love them so much I’ve invested in 3 pairs, one in each colour. The price makes it a significant investment but I’ve already worn them with dresses, skirts, jeans and leisure wear and they are as comfortable for summer as winter. Think I’ll be wearing these shoes every day except the few very hottest days until they wear out. Please keep making them.



Had this since September. They support my weedy ankles and being so adjustable are adaptive to my feet.
Zip help the on/off .



Boot are great fit very comfortable and wide.