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30-Day Wear Test
Autumn / Winter 2019
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Chet Patel

Chet Patel


I am the founder of Chillies and Clothes a Fashion, Food and Lifestyle website. I am also mum to two girls (age 9 and 12) and wife to one very patient husband!

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how would you describe your personal style?

“I am creative by nature and love experimenting with my wardrobe, I am also happy to take a risk and try out something that might be a little different. The clothes I wear suit my lifestyle and have to work with being a busy mum of two who never stands still for more than a minute.”

what do you love about vionic shoes?

“I have so many pairs of Vionic’s – you could say ‘a pair for every occasion’. Vionic shoes are superbly comfortable, which is great for me, when I am dashing between the school run, my girls’ piano lessons, hockey matches, shopping, meeting my insta girlfriends in London, attending press events, meetings or simply enjoying date night with my husband. Simply, they combine style with on trend looks.”

what do you love about this shoe style?

“As soon as I saw the Minnie I knew I had to have a pair. This classic kitten heel has been given a fresh updated look with the addition of the tortoiseshell strap across the foot. This is completely on trend with current animal prints and helps to make these shoes stand out. I also love the kitten heel, which makes it simple to wear and incredibly comfortable, a must for me as I’m on my feet for most of the day.”

how have you styled it and why?

“In this particular instance I have styled the Minnie with other current ‘on trend’ pieces. I love mixing high street items with designer brands to create a unique look and pairing a classic style, such as this kitten heel, with items you wouldn’t normally expect.”

View Vionic Minnie
View Vionic Minnie

what else would they look good with?

“Depending on what I was doing I would also style the Minnie with more tailored pieces in my wardrobe such as co-ordinated suits, skirts and blazers and for the evening a Little Black Dress.”

are these great for holidays/travelling?

“Definitely! This year we were at a luxury spa resort in Turkey and my Vionic’s carried me from morning to night – equally cool poolside and out for dinner in the evenings.”

how important is it for you to have shoes that are great for your feet but also complement your style?

“My shoes have to work 100% with my style, and I would not wear shoes that did not work with my personal style or chosen outfit. For me, Vionic shoes are designed to be timeless. They are classy yet contemporary and always comfortable.”

finally, do you have any exclusive styling tips you would like to share with us…?

“The rule of three in fashion is quite simple and you may be doing this intuitively already.
1 Statement Piece
+ 1 In–Between Piece
+ 1 Plain Piece
– it’s simple style maths!”

How to wear the Vionic Minnie

How to wear it

Check out how Chet styles the Minnie with her favourite wardrobe staples.

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