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Autumn / Winter 2019
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Nadiene Francis

Nadiene Francis


I am a London based Makeup artist and passionate beauty blogger. I started blogging and creating images for my blog and makeup looks as a stress reliever. I find that at night my brain comes to life and I could work until the morning.

what messages do you want to deliver via your social media channels?

“I feel passionate that you can achieve and create anything you put your mind to no matter what. Always chase your dreams because they are always worth chasing.”

what do you love about vionic shoes?

“The thing about Vionic shoes is that they are so comfortable and stylish. Spending all day in them is never an issue.”

what do you love about this shoe style?

“The Lacey in Black Suede with Tortoise heel is the perfect Autumn/Winter shoe. Firstly, the heel is just so stylish! Wearing them they're super comfortable and really versatile outfit wise. I can literally wear them from morning to night!”

View Vionic Lacey
View Vionic Lacey

how have you styled it and why?

“I've gone for a beautiful Autumnal coat over a simple jean and t-shirt combination and of course a lovely big hat in case of rain! Autumn weather in London is always wet and so keeping dry is a must. Also making my way through the day in a comfortable but smart outfit is great when I'm on the go all day.”

what else would they look good with?

“These can literally go with anything. They would certainly add style to an all-black outfit.”

are the shoes great for holidays/travelling?

“These would look amazing on an Autumnal city break to places such as Amsterdam. They offer city chic and practicality for those cobbled city streets.”

how important is it for you to have shoes that are great for your feet but also complement your style?

“My day is often in the office and running to meetings throughout the day before a blogger event in the evening. This often means I need to wear the same outfit all day so comfortable shoes are non-negotiable for me. Equally it's important I'm always presentable to clients and so whatever I wear, they have to be stylish.”

do you have any exclusive styling tips you would like to share with us...?

“There's a super cute bag I picked up to match the tortoise print heel. These subtle matching items makes your outfit look more put together and complete.”

View Vionic Lacey
How to wear the Vionic Lacey

How to wear it

Check out how Nadiene styles the Lacey with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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