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Islander Toe Post Sandal

These are the sandals you’ll live in, season after season. Same great fit and arch support, updated with new leather trim and tread pattern.

Item #: IN44ISLAND



Islander features the same great FMT Technology and fit you’ve come to love and expect! This iconic, best-selling style now features leather trim and an updated tread pattern.

  • Soft woven toe post and foam-lined strap ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Podiatrist-designed, biomechanical Tri-planar Motion Control footbed with a deep heel cup helps stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural position.
  • Lightweight, flexible medium-density EVA midsole absorbs shock, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees.
  • Durable TPR outsole with patterned tread helps improve traction.
  • Materials: woven/leather uppers, padded neoprene upper liner, EVA footbed, TPR outsole.

Fit & Care

  • Available in women's whole sizes 3-9
  • If you are a half size, we recommend ordering the nearest size down.
  • Available in medium (D) widths.
  • Footbed: Islander

For the greatest comfort, we recommend wearing your new VIONIC footwear for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support.

Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive.

  • To clean, wipe off with damp cloth and air dry under indirect sunlight only.
  • Do NOT use solvents to clean products.
  • Do NOT expose to extreme temperatures.


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Customer Reviews



These were my first pair of Vionics footwear and so so pleased with them, I didn't at the time want anything too fancy as they were for general day use while on holiday as live in flip flops, being my 1st ever pair it took a little while to get used to them but now I can put them on first thing in the morning and keep them on all day till bedtime, they are so comfy and best part no more PF pain, since these I have gone onto purchasing more different footwear from Vionics so slowly building up my collection, I'm one very happy bunny.



After struggling to find a comfortable pair of slippers I came up with the idea of flip flops . Vionic was recommended for their support....and they are brilliant!
Really comfortable and lots of support!
I am sure the sandals would be as good! One happy senior citizen !



I absolutely LOVE the islander flip flops offer as I have fallen arches..However, the sole makes my feet feel sweaty when I’m busy (walking around a lot). I’ve never had this problem with other flip flops. It has to be because of the rubber sole material. I have just ordered a pair of the Vionic Bella toe sandal & I am trialling them as they have a different material on the sole. (Microfibre but it basically feels like suede)...I’m hoping they won’t make me feel sweaty. Unfortunately, the Bella sandal doesn’t offer the same support as the islander but they are still better than most flip flops in terms of support. I cannot fault the support of the islander flip flops...But because of the sweatiness, I think I will have to return them.

Fern gore


I love these sandals I am wearing these as slippers they are so comfy true to size as well I usually have problems with toe posts but these have never rubbed me , they are very well made I recommend these to my sister and she has also purchased a pair I would definitely buy more of these very well packed I would use this seller again quick delivery s well



The very fact that this is my 3rd pair of these shoes says how much I love them. I haven't worn any other style of shoe all summer!



Can’t fault these they are so comfy



I was rather sceptical with regards to the benefits of these shoes. Being on my feet 24/7 in all weather conditions, I know only too well of the side effects this has by the end of each day - aching feet, pains in ankle's, knee's, hip & lower back areas. I'm also menopausal & suffer from horrendous hot flushes which I can feel starting @ my feet. They're worse when feet are enclosed in socks/shoes/boots etc. I initially saw these & thought "what have I got to lose, but money if they don't help eliminate joint pain?"
First few hours of wearing them my foot arches ached, so as directed, I broke them in gradually. Now after wearing them for a good month or so I can honestly say my foot arch, ankle, knee, hip & lower back pains have all gone!!! ..... I'm astonished.
They are certainly worth investing in & so comfortable ....... would definitely recommend.



Very comfortable flip flop that supports the arches. Great colour alternative to black. Very happy with less knee pain. Brilliant



These are super comfortable, I just love the arch support! First pair of flip flops I’ve been able to wear for ages! They don’t look different to other flip flops either, so no one would know they have the arch support.



I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these flip flops are excellent they give you comfortable support and they look good too I ordered the grey pair as I previously had a navy pair which are still going strong & wear daily nearly all year around at home....I am really pleased with the colour.

Nicky T


Bought these to help sore knee joints and they have helped massively. Felt relief as soon as I put them on, definitely recommend!

Hattie with the big feet


Found this shoe range on line by chance...
WOW, at last summer flip flops I can walk in (ALL DAY)
I have size 9 totally flat feet with added ankle injury and at times have real trouble with pain especially in warm weather.

Thank you



Bought these recently in the sale and pleaded with the shoe. A lot better than the average flip flop and would buy again - comfortable to wear over long periods.



Best shoes I've found for arch support. I live in these sandals all summer long.



I have now had 8-10 pairs of this shoe and currently have 4 pairs in my wardrobe in different colours. I wouldn’t be without them. They have completely taken the place of the clumsy orthotics I used to wear. Worth every penny and highly recommended. I use them as slippers. Flip flops (of course) and general everyday shoes. No one knows I need orthotics when I’m wearing them.



These are amazing! I broke a flip flop and thought I’d better get something better so I came upon the site by chance- I’ve got large size 42 feet which I normally hate as I can’t get shoes to fit but these are just sooo comfy the soles mould to your feet and it’s like walking barefoot only better!! Absolutely 100%. Recommend them and I’m nor being paid or have any association with them! Thank you at last!!



These are without doubt the best flip flops I’ve ever had. Great design & immediately comfortable & easy to wear. I love them!



These are the comfiest sandals I have had -this is the 3rd pair I have purchased



After building up the wearing time as advised, I have worn these flip flops continuously. What a difference they make - my stance seems straighter, my feet are happier and my dodgy knee has given me less trouble than before. These are my go to "shoes" every day especially in the hot weather. I certainly intend to buy other sandals from vionics.

Though they take a little while to get used to, it is so worth it. I can't praise them enough!



So happy with these Vionics, so easy to wear and very comfortable



Instant relief from pronating ankle Pain!



I have high arches, so the support on these flip flops is great. I’m just finding the bit between the toes a little uncomfortable after wearing for a while. Love the colour( hint of gold!) and the sizing is spot on.



Great to be able to wear a flip
flop all day without any knee pain



These are the one of the best flip flops ever in terms of arch support However the only nag is that they are made of material that make your feet sweaty very quickly. I've only worn them around the house for an hour or so but the feet sweat is a lot more than any other flip flop.

Tina sperring


I brought these Vionic’s a month ago and have to say I am amazed at how comfortable they are , I’m a hairdresser who spends a lot of time in my feet and will definitely be wearing no other footwear in the future



Since purchasing these I’ve worn them constantly. They are the most comfortable footwear I have. The arch support is incredible, the strap inbetween the toes is soft unlike most flipflops. Also think the patent black makes them stylish and they seem to go with everything. Even though they’re black, the colour doesn’t rub off onto your feet and the material is hard wearing - I think they will last a long time. Wish they did them in more variety of colours e.g. rose gold.



My fourth pair cause they’re great for holidays, then as slippers!

Cat Lady


After breaking my ankle and following numerous operations to get it right normal flip flops were out of the question. These are supportive and comfortable after you have adjusted to them. I will be getting another pair!



I suffer from plantar fasciitis and needed some thing to help with the pain. Bought these sandals and they are amazing!! Really helped relieve the pain. Even bought another pair! Highly recommended.



I wanted something to wear as an indoor summer slipper which could be washed/wiped clean. These are perfect. The toe post was very comfortable after the first few wears. I’m normally a 6.5 and bought a 6 after reading other reviews. Absolutely spot on and the arch support is the best ever.



I now own several pairs of Vionics! Reliably comfy and last forever. Super product. Would recommend highly.

Treat your feet


Just got my fifth pair of Islanders. I have been wearing these flip flops since being diagnosed with fallen arches over 5 years ago. Honestly thought I could never wear flip flops again, then I discovered these. Each year I treat myself to a new pair, not because the old ones are worn out..... I still have all 5 pairs..... they are exceptionally well made and durable and worn continuously for 4-5 months of the year. They are expensive but worth it. Treat your feet.



Unfortunately a pretty sandal, but not the right style for me.



I had to return though because I have bunions and didn’t realise that Vionic offer a wide fitting. These were regular. I would recommend them for problem free feet. Most women have some foot abnormalities And a shoe manufacturer would do very well to look into this and make PRETTY and supportive shoes taking this into account. Vionic’s seem to be the best so far.



Can’t believe what a life saver these flip flops have been during this hot weather!!!!! Being a sufferer of tendon troubles my physio has told me regular flip flops are a definite no! But I found these & honestly they are amazing.
If you’re thinking shall I shan’t I then ????? In my opinion I wish I’d have found these years ago 10/10 from me !!!!!!



I'm still wareing them

Amelia Jayne


Wearing these a lot since they arrived. Love the arch support.



Delighted with my Vionic Islanders so supportive and easy to wear. I was having a lot of pain in my ankles and these have certainly helped. Wearing them a lot with the lovely weather we are having. Highly recommended.



So comfortable and stylish always wear Vionic’s due to suffering with Plantar Fasciitis they help so much .



I must love them as this is the 3rd pair I've bought. I live in flip flops in warm weather and these are the most comfortable I've ever worn. Saving the pennies to buy more colours!!



Very comfortable sandals

Clare loves vionics


I have plantar fasciitis and my feet are always in pain. I used to wear birkenstocks which were comfortable. My sister passed away and I found a pair of these islander flip flops when clearing her house. I have not looked back. I now have 11 pairs. Love them so comfortable and I have the leather patent ones with the bows too.



I bought these for the hot weather and as I usually have an orthotic in my shoes, I wasn't hopeful that they would work, but they are so comfortable that I have taken to wearing them round the house all day.



Love these flip flops as they offer some support yet still look nice and summery. I hate my feet and have bunions but feel that these make my feet look ok and somehow the bunion isn't too pronounced. Very comfortable and highly recommend. They have a bit more about them than standard flip flops hence you would expect to pay a bit more. I usually wear an insole (podiatrist fitted) and in summer when I don't want to wear shoes with them in I wear Vionics and they offers great support (and don't cause the back pain or bursitis in my hip to return ie the reason I wear insoles)



I'm happy with these overall, they're definitely more supportive that normal flip flops. The arch support isn't as pronounced as some other Vionics products and I wouldn't walk long distances in them but they do help. Foot width is always subjective, but I'd say I have 'average' width feet and they are a bit loose fitting / broad for me.



I bought the trainers and the flip flops a month a go. Had trouble with my feet for the last 3 years been wearing insoles that was made for me but still made my feet hurt underneath. The flip flops I wear all day at home have aligned my foot so had no pain. The trainers are so light and comfortable while out walking the dog.



First time buying these and I absolutely love them. They have never been off my feet. Has definitely helped my planter fasciitis as well.



I actually replaced exactly the same black flip flops I’d bought on the recommendation of my Chiropadist. I had worn the first pair into the ground, wearing them daily, over several years. With bunions, hammer toes and Morton’s Neuroma, these sandals offer supreme comfort, arch support and a degree of style for a miracle worker! In truth, if I wear them in the day I can just about stand a night out in high heels, which I’ve worn since my early teens and probably the very reason I have “bad feet”. I have gorgeous shoes in my wardrobe that I can’t walk in. Vionics I live in. Highly recommended.



This is my first pair of Vionic sandals and I am very impressed. They are very comfortable and supportive. I suffer with plantar fasciitis and achilles problems and so far I have not had either whilst wearing these. I have given a 4 star rating, only because when my feet get a hot they rub a little, but I think this is because they are new and this will go once I have worn them in.



The immmediate comfort was a welcome relief. Without proper foot support I soon get hip pain. Worn everyday.



I brought these the same as my black pair as they r so comfortable and the last two summers I’ve lived in them

Fox and Mabel


This is my second pair of vionic flip-flops. I have difficulty walking any distance due to osteoarthritis in both knees but these are super comfortable and really do ease the pain considerably. Perfect for summer dog walks or everyday summer wear. I would definately recommend.



These are obviously good flip flops and reasonably comfortable - they will wear well. They are quite broad and so not snug for wearing for a longer time, my feet get quite tired in them.

Plain black is fairly stylish although I don't appreciate the brand name being so obvious.

Not sure whether or not I'll purchase again - they are expensive for what they are.



These flip flops are so comfortable I will be ordering somemore. Fantastic.



I bought a pair of these sandals 4 years ago,they come out every summer & I wear them constantly. They still look good & are extremely comfortable, I have walked many a mile in them....they are my absolute favourite summer shoes.



I bought these in the sale and loved them. Information said they were not suitable for wider feet i.e. suitable for narrow feet. I have narrow feet but also skinny feet and these were still too big even downsizing to a 4. Very disappointed as they are nice sandals. I only gave 4* because of the fit.



Once plantar fasciitis got me, I thought I’d never be able to wear flip-flops again, so when I found this make, I decided to give it a try. They arrived, I put them on and that was it! Comfort for my feet! I walked down the road without the slightest need to ‘break them in’! They have served me well for several years now, all year round! When I go away, these are my slippers! In hotels I can keep them on in the shower to avoid any risks of verrucas. I honestly cannot believe how comfortable these flip-flops are! Since I discovered Vionic, I have forgotten I have plantar fasciitis!



These are the only sandals I feel comfortable in. I wear them as slippers indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. I have arthritis in my foot so am restricted with styles, these are brilliant.

On the go


My second pair, useful in house and for holidays. Don’t have wide feet, these fit well.



I didn’t think I would be able to wear flip-flops in the summer months when I’m on holiday but these are perfect and also very pretty



Love them x